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Lapolla™ closed cell and open cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation systems are spray-applied cellular polyurethane foam plastics that form a continuous insulation and air sealing barrier in stud wall cavities, floors, vented and unvented crawlspaces and attics and below grade foundation walls. This process occurs by mixing unique liquid components, at the job site, through a reactor. This process creates the foam. The components, when they come together at the end of the nozzle, begin expanding on contact and create foam. This foam then insulates, seals gaps and holes in addition to providing both moisture, vapor and air barriers and increasing the overall racking strength of the home. This happens because one cubic inch of polyurethane foam insulation contains millions of tiny plastic closed cells filled with Enovate® 3000, a non-ozone depleting blowing agent. Lapolla™ insulation resists the transfer of heat, in addition to being the most effective solution to stopping air infiltration through gaps, cracks and other penetrations in the building envelope.


Insulation Spray Foam

Understanding R-Value

R – Value is the common measure by which the insulating qualities are maintained by an insulation material; it is the measure of the material’s thermal resistance.  Of course the greater the R – Value, the greater the effectiveness of the insulation material’s insulating qualities are against blocking out the elements. However in order to achieve this R- Value, the material must be installed properly, that is why all of our installers are approved and trained by Lapolla™ staff.

The R – Value of a given insulation material is further diminished when there is the presence of air leakage.  Air leakage, which often accounts for over 45% of a home’s heat loss is the silent thief.  It steals your money through the small gaps, crevices and holes in the building envelope, taking with it your hard earned cash.  Nothing fills these escape routes like spray foam insulation.

Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

When you use Lapolla™ Spray Foam Insulation, installed by Bayshore Insulation’s factory trained and certified installers you eliminate air leakage, problem solved.   Because of its seamless application, spray foam insulation seals your home, making it nearly airtight.  In addition, it stops the invasion of pests,  bugs and when using closed cell foam you are also adding to the structural strength of your home. At nearly a R-6.3 per inch, you can’t go wrong with Lapolla™ closed cell foam insulation.

The Best Choice

Insulation should contribute to the durability, energy efficiency, comfort, health, and safety of a home or building. With the rising cost of energy, and focus on health and environmental issues, architects and builders are recommending insulation materials that add significant performance value to construction projects. Spray foam is at the top of the recommended product list.

Benefits for Builders

Simplified Construction. Installing spray foam in the stud cavity or between trusses will not only increase the R-Value but will meet and exceed air barrier, and water vapor retarder requirements.


    • HVAC Equipment Cost Saving.  Tightening the building envelope will lead to energy savings of up to 50% and may allow cost reductions from smaller HVAC systems.  Moving the attic thermal boundary to the underside of the roof deck creates a conditioned space for air handling units and ductwork to operate more efficiently. The air sealing properties also reduce the load on air condition units and other equipment, thus extending their life cycle.
    • Flexibility in Framing.  High aged R-Value of over 6 per inch, permits stud and rafter size reduction to increase living space and cost.
    • Enhanced Durability.  Wall racking strength is up to 3X stronger than conventional insulation in framed walls.
    • Pest Intrusion. In addition to sealing off air infiltration, spray foam will fill all the little routes often traveled by bugs, pest, mice and other intruders which creates a healthier living environment.
    • Heathy Home. Your home will be healthier and cleaner with the use of spray foam which reduces the infiltration of allergens, pollens and pollutants, thereby improving the indoor air quality of your home and reducing the affects of mold and mildew.
    • Quiet Home. Spray foam insulation has amazing sound reducing qualities that will muffle outside noises and keep the interior of your home quiet and comfortable.
    • Higher Performance. The use of spray foam insulation virtually reduces drafty and cold spots in your home.  This helps fight uncontrolled condensation, air leaks, creates a thermal barrier and keeps the conditioned air where it needs to stay.
    • Smart Investment. What if you could invest your money and make an immediate return of 12%, 15% or 25%? With an investment in spray foam insulation your return on investment starts the second you turn on your thermostat.
    • Going Green. Spray insulation reduces energy consumption which reduces your carbon footprint, which is a benefit for all of us.  
    • Ease of Installation. Ever look at a bonus room framing and say, “How will they insulate that?” With spray foam that is an easy answer.  Spray foam insulation sticks to nearly any surface, expands into nearly every crack and fills nearly every void.
    • Safety. Spray foam meets all Class 1 building requirements, does not off gas after cured, has excellent burn qualities and uses an ozone safe gas in application.  

Learn more about Lapolla Spray Foam from the home brochure available for download below.